Updated May 11, 2024
Index to VA3DDN Ham Radio Articles Listed by Title
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A "555" Timer Experimental/Universal PCB, December 2019
A Battery Monitor for 12v Systems (June 2013, QST p51)
A Copper-Pipe Vertical Sleeved Dipole 2 Metres (May/Jun 2016 TCA p18)
A Desktop Microphone for your HT (Nov 2011, TCA p36)
A Linear Scale Milliohm Meter (Jul/Aug 2014, QEX p23)
A Light Touch PTT Switch for Boom Mic Desk-Top Operation (Jan 2024 TCA)
A Magnetic Tool Bit Holder for your Power Drill
A Microphone Audio Test Source for your Ham Shack (1) (Mar/Apr 2020 TCA)
A Microphone Audio Test Source for your Ham Shack (2) Additional Notes
A Remote Antenna Switch for 3 Operating Positions (Jan 2023, QST p57)
A Simple Desktop Stand for your HT (July-Aug TCA p49)
A Wireless Antenna Switch (October 2015, QST, p62-63)
Adapt your FT-70DR HT for Digital Desktop Operation (Feb 2023, TCA p10)
Alinco DR-235 Receiver Noise Fix (Dec 2019,Mods Dk)
An Unexpected Source of QRM on 220 mHz (May/June 2018 TCA, p18)
ADI AR-247 RF Power Module Replacement (June 2009, Mods Dk)
Astatic TUP9-D104SKE, ptt switch shorted (Jan 2014, Mods Dk)

Baofeng HT Serial Interface
Baofeng UV-82 HT Intermittent Power-on fix (Sept 2015, Mods Dk)
Baofeng BF-8 Battery Eliminator Tear-Down
Bench Helper (QST Nov 2016, p76
Build a USB Cable Continuity Test Jig (Jul/Aug 2018, NUTS/Volts)

Comparison of Active Filtered Cigar/Cigarette Lighter Cables (Capacitance Multiplier Filters) July2021, TCA p23
Channel Master Rotator Mounting Plate for Wade GN16/18T Tubular Tower
Cloned Microphone connectors - beware!
Coaxial Choke 1:1 Balun (July 2010, TCA p51)
Chameleon V4 Antenna Review
Chinese Digital Voltmeter / Ammeter Module Connections
Component Adapter for MFJ-269 Antenna Analyser (Jul 2011, TCA p47)
Current Test Probe for AA and AAA Battery Holders

DC Voltage Reference for your test bench (Radcom Basics, 2022)
Desk Microphone Power-on and PTT Indicators (Jan 2016, QST, p49-50)
DIY Dual-Band J-Pole for 2m and 70 cm.

Effects of Conductor diameter on Antenna Resonant Length
ESD for Hams (presentation, 2009)

General purpose SWR/Power meters for 220 Mhz (Mar 2012, TCA p42)
Glass Mount for GPS "Puck" (Nov/Dec 2019, TCA p28)
GPS Interface for the ID-880H (June 2017 QST, H&K, p73-74)
Grounding Issues in Antenna Switches (Sept 2015, QST p61-62)

Hang Your Mic (March 2014, QST p60)
Hook and Loop Fastener Considerations for Amateur Radio (May 2019,TCA)

Icom IC-706/910H USB Programming Interface Cable
Icom IC-910H Low RF Power Output Fix (Oct 2015, Mods DK)

Low Cost Insulators / Stand-Offs for Ladder-Line (Sept 2019 TCA, p26)

Marine "Under-Table Radio, Mount for mobile radios (May 2012, QST p60)
Masts and Mounting Posts for Antennas
MFJ-299 Desk Microphone, 12V to 9V DC Adapter (Oct 2018 QST, p64)
MFJ-892 SWR/Wattmeter Loose Meter Fix, Lamp to LED replacement
Mobile Hook Mount (for radio) (August 2016, QST p56-57)

O-ring Seal for PL-259/SO-239 Connectors (Feb 2014, QST p79)

Powerpole Distribution Block (Nov/Dec 2015 TCA, p42,43)
Powerpole Fakes - Beware

Relay Module, 30 Amp, for Arduino etc.
Replace Your Rig's LCD Panel Lamps with SMD Led's (Nov 2014 TCA p18)
Rotator Break-out Box (March 2011, QST p70)

Secrets of the PL-259/SO-239 UHF connectors (Nov 2020, TCA p22)
Set Scews Used in Some Mobile Antennas (Sept 2021, TCA p34)
Solar Ham 1 & 2 (Sept 2004 TCA p35, Nov. 2004, TCA p50)
Solar Ham 3 (Jan 2006, TCA p22)
Some DC Power Cables for your HT
Spool Holder for Wire Solder on the bench
"Stubby" Dual Band (UHF/VHF) Antennas
Surecom/QYT KT-8900D Programming Cable - Build one yourself !
Surface Saver (May 2016 QST, p64

Twin-lead J-pole, commentary, World Radio On-Line (Jan 2011)
Twin-Lead (Antenna) Analyser Adapter, June 2015 QST, p68-69
Two Simple antennas for 1200 Mhz (March 2013, QST p37)

USB to SATA adapter, modified for HDD needing +12v